Personalized Feeds

Feeds improve user enagement, content consumption and user retention.

Use cases
Use cases Use cases

Build Scalable Feeds is tailor made for building feeds, whether you are looking to be up and running with a simple feed in minutes or customizing a feed to your exact use-case.

Stream new content when it's published.

Show historical data for context.

Use queries to customize feed ranking.

Topic Feeds

Organize feed by categories, topics and sub-topics.

Build a Twitter like feed of #trendingtopics.

Build a Github like exploration feed of languages.

Show a feed of dynamic content based on user interests.

Use cases Use cases
Use cases Use cases

Notification Center

Notification Center is a handy way to create an invisible feed that only shows up when an important event occurs.

Alert users via notification center on new feature releases, app upgrades and imporant in-app events.

Use notification center alongside the feed to notify users on missed updates.


Provide a realtime search experience to browse historical feed data.

Appbase makes all the feed data searchable by default.

Build full-text or advanced search experiences using queries.

Use cases Use cases

All APIs are authenticated over HTTPS. Create API credentials with granular read / write access permissions.

Hosted's hosted APIs and toolings lets you focus on building a great product, without worrying about the infrastructure.

Check out our open-source newsfeed app.