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FREE FOREVER for up to 10K records and 100K API calls every month.
$ per app/month
  • 1,000,000 API Calls
    $5 per additional 1M API calls
    100,000 Records
    $5 per additional 100k records
    Daily data backups
    E-mails and chat
$ per app/month
  • 10,000,000 API Calls
    $5 per additional 1M API calls
    1,000,000 Records
    $5 per additional 100k records
    Daily data backups
    E-mails and chat
    1:1 architecture reviews
$ per month
  • Dedicated infrastructure
    3x{4GB RAM, 40GB Disk}
    Pick from 10+ global regions
    Free setup and integration
    Daily data backups
    E-mails and chat (1 day SLA)
    1:1 architecure reviews

See what our customers say

Heitor Correa
Heitor Correa
CTO, Hariken
"Having by our side has been like having a specialist inside the team. They are saving us at least 40 hours every month."
Patrick Hogan
Patrick Hogan
CEO, Tenfold
"Appbase is fast, like Usain Bolt."
Charlie Wood
Kishan Patel
CTO, Lyearn
"We use Reactivesearch for powering our search at Lyearn. It has saved us at least a month of work."
"The time savings have been off the charts in getting our search up and running!"
Rob Whitley, Co-Founder, Salespipe
Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood
CTO, Numerous App
"Great customer support from @appbaseio, which we use for in-app search."
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does work? is a hosted realtime Elasticsearch service. With the free, bootstrap or growth plans, users can create one or more apps (aka indexes). The entire Elasticsearch Query DSL APIs are supported.'s dedicated plan offers a fully managed Elasticsearch cluster.

  • What are the supported languages / SDKs? provides a hosted REST API with examples for all major server-side languages as well as first-class support for a universal Javascript library.

  • How does support work?

    All our paid plans come with e-mail and onboarding support. Growth and dedicated plans also include a 1:1 architecture review session every month with our engineering team.

    We also offer implementation support. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Plans and Payments

  • How does the free plan work?

    The free plan comes with monthly 100K API calls and 10K records and requires placement of an logo near the place of use. All features are accessible in the free plan. dashboard has an analytics view where you can track your app's usage. If you exceed the storage or monthly API usage limits at any point, we will ask you to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • How do the hosted pricing plans work? comes with two subscription based pricing plans: Bootstrap and Growth. When bought annually, you save 33% on the price.

    Bootstrap plan: The Bootstrap plan comes with a 10x more app usage limit than the free plan on both API calls and storage. With this plan, an app can make 1MM monthly API calls and store up to 100K records.

    Growth plan: The Growth plan comes with a 100x more app usage limit than the free plan on both API calls and storage. With this plan, an app can make up to 10MM monthly API calls and store up to 1MM records.

    • One API call = one read request or one write request or one search query result or one stream response.
    • One record = one JSON document, recommended size < 1MB for good performance.

  • How do you charge for additional apps?

    When you subscribe to a plan, a base plan price for one app is charged initially. When you use additional apps that exceed the free plan limits but are within your subscribed plan's limits, a base price equivalent is charged for the additional apps in the end of month billing cycle.

    Note: You can use multiple apps as long as they follow the free plan guidelines.

  • How do you calculate additional usage?

    Additional API calls beyond the plan limits are charged at $5 per 1M API calls. Additional storage is charged at $5 per 100k records.

  • How does the dedicated plan work?

    With the dedicated plan, we set up a fully managed Elasticsearch cluster (with built-in realtime APIs just like the hosted plans) with your choice of configurations, plugins, and additional toolings.

    Schedule a demo with our team to get started.

Use Cases

  • Building A Realtime Search

    One of the most popular use-cases of is building a realtime search UI - for e-commerce stores, data-driven UIs and mobile apps.

    We have an open-source library of UI components - ReactiveSearch that enables building production-grade search UIs in a fraction of time.

  • Building Geolocation Apps

    Another popular use-case is utilizing Elasticsearch's geospatial query engine for building location aware apps.

    Check out Reactive Maps, our open-source library for building geolocation apps.

  • What else can I build?

    Our customers and users have built dashboarding UIs, IoT apps, feeds, and variety of search UIs using

    If you are curious whether is a good fit for your use-case, get in touch.